Wednesday, August 25, 2010

so many updates.

Leah's official blogger mom has been busy with wedding things, and poor Leah's blog has gone un-updated for weeks!

Two weekends ago, BFFs Mike and Lisa moved from Portland to Seattle. Now we can see them all the time!

We had a week of sick at our house - Leah and mommy both had colds, and daddy found out that he had mono! He's been resting up, and working at home some (which we love!) to get better before baby Rory comes!

On Monday August 16, Leah slept in her big girl bed for the very first time at night! She did great, and has been sleeping in it so so so happily ever since.

Last Friday, we declared August 20 as Big Sister Day at our house. So to celebrate the first annual big sister day, we went to Top Pot for donuts with Lisa, and then over to Build a Bear to make some new friends for Leah and Rory. Leah made a monkey for herself, which she named Mike, and made a sweet bear for Rory, which she named "bearbear."

This week, we've been mostly hanging around the house - today we went to the KidsQuest museum with Paige and her mommy, and it was so fun! Leah found the babydolls first. She carried them around for a while, and then put them in the crib and said "phew!" and then went to play with the Brio set. We finished the morning off with a bagel date at Panera together.

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