Sunday, December 26, 2010

2010 Yearbook.

We had a great 2010. Click on the fullscreen button in the bottom right to see our book in real-life size :)


We had a great Christmas - Grandpa Tim, Grandma Sue, Aunt Kristen and Uncle Matt came to visit and it was awesome!  We celebrated Christmas eve with Clara's family, and Christmas evening with Lenna's family.  We are so blessed to have such awesome friends and family :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

To ten!

Leah Madison St.Clair just counted to ten on her own (she was counting her new stamps from Clara!). She's super cool.


Monday, December 13, 2010

papa and nana.

On Wednesday, Papa Mark and Nana Lauren came to visit!  We had a yummy pizza dinner on Wednesday (and Nana and Papa read a ton of books), put up Christmas lights on Thursday (and Nana and Papa read a ton of books), went to Belle Square and the Bellevue Botanical Gardens on Friday (and Nana and Papa read a ton of books), on Saturday we threw Liz a baby shower (and Nana and Papa read a ton of books), and on Sunday the Pineapple Express got us and it was not pretty.  Papa went home, but Nana read a lot of books. 

And... RORY KATE ROLLED OVER!  Back to front, like a champ. 

Tomorrow we'll say goodbye to Nana.  Leah loves her a lot.

Monday, December 6, 2010

gingerbread and st.nick!

Oh gosh.  We've had a really really great weekend.  Last night we made gingerbread houses at Mike and Lisa's house.  Leah ate a lot of candy, watched "A Bug's Life" (which she loved), and Rory Kate watched some football on the couch.  The houses turned out pretty cute. 

When we got home, there were presents waiting for all of us.  The girls got matching pajamas, Luke got pajama pants, and I got a comfy pair of slippers.  :)

This morning, a ton of presents were under the tree!  Leah and Rory both got a doll from Great Grandma Jean and Great Grandpa Bill.  Leah named hers Emily, and Rory's is already named Lucy, so I think we'll stick with that until Rory picks a different name for her.

Leah also got the Red Rover game, and lots of things in her stocking.  Her favorite was the dinosaur.  She promptly dressed it with a necklace.

Rory got a sweet tummy time toy, and some good stuff in her stocking as well.

Luke got a pie of the month club - one pie, made by me, each month of this year.  Sugar Cream is all ready in the fridge for him!

For my present, Luke is making dinner tonight.  And I'm so excited.  Leah and Rory got me a cubs "W" flag and some frangos.  Yummy :)

Friday, December 3, 2010

ceramics and happy truckas.

Yesterday we had a great day painting up some ceramic pieces for christmas presents for some special people.  Clara and Lilah painted with Leah, and the girls had a very messy fun time.  Lots of paint everywhere, including Lilah's mouth and Leah's hair.  :)

Today we had our roof cleaned, and so there was a truck in our driveway.  Leah is still not fond of "scary truckas", but is trying to convince herself that they're not that bad.  As we pulled into our driveway, Leah said "It's a happy trucka, mommy?"  I told her it was a happy truck, and she seemed okay with it.  The roof cleaner was up on the roof outside her room during her nap, and she yelled "MOMMY!  It's the GUY!  It's the GUY!  He's steaming the house!"

Love her.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"scary scary santa."

Leah met Santa today at Redmond Town Center.  We hadn't intended on saying hi, because Leah is scared of a lot of things, and I figured Santa would be terrifying.  I was sort of right.

We went over and said hi, Santa asked Leah what her name was.  She (in my arms, holding onto me thistight) said "my sister is rorykate.  she is a baby sister."  Santa said, "but what's your name?" Leah said "I love dinosaurs."

He asked her for a high five, but she declined.  I gave him a high five instead.

When we got to the car, Leah said "oooooooh santa. scary scary santa."