Friday, October 29, 2010

Deep Clean Week!

Last week was deep clean week. Fun for mommy, less fun for Leah. Fortunately, it was rainy, so we weren't wasting time that we could have been outside. :)

We did have lots of fun anyway though - last Thursday, we decorated halloween cookies with Clara and Nash. They mostly ate frosting. Over the weekend, we ran some errands, and snuggled since it was so rainy out. Luke went with us to the library - it was his first trip over there, and Leah was excited to show him around. During the week, we did lots of cleaning, but took breaks with reading books, doing puzzles, and watching Kipper. Wednesday, Luke worked from home while I went to my doctor, and Leah got to spend so much time with Luke. They're seriously best friends. :) On Thursday, we went over to Noelle's new house!

Today, the girls got to wear their halloween costumes to Luke's work for trick or treating! Leah is Abby Cadabby this year, and she loves it. Rory Kate is a spooky but cute skeleton. We saw Lenna and her folks at amazon, and the girls had a great time running around and sometimes getting candy.

Tomorrow is Leah and Rory's halloween party! We're so excited to see everyone's costumes and eat lots of yummy treats :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

All about Leah Madison.

In addition to journaling about what the girls do each week, I always planned on writing about funny things the girls say and do... Now that Leah is mostly understandable, I'd imagine that there will be a ton to write about in the coming months :)

So here is a collection of some common Leah words and phrases. Sorry if this ends up as a Leah brag-a-thon. She is pretty cool, though, and I want to make sure we remember all of this. :)

Right now, Leah uses the phrases "find it" and "on the ground" quite a bit. Many of her rambling sentences sound like "babyababya FINDIT! FINDIT! ooooh on the ground on the ground."

When she hurts herself, it's very important to her that she explain as best she can what happened. This often sounds like a large rambly sentence with yelled things like "CLUNKED!" "ON THE GROUND!" "HEAD", etc. sprinkled in. She also usually re-enacts the crash as well.

Recently, Leah has started to say "that's funny" or "that's not funny" to mean "that's good" or "that's not good." So, if you ask her if she'd like some broccoli for dinner, she'll say "that's NOT funny." If you ask her if she'd like tortellini, she'll say "that's FUNNY." Not sure at all where this came from.

Another great Leah phrase is "that's all better." Many times, she actually means it - for example, if she complains about the carseat buckle being too tight and I readjust it, she'll say "that's all better." Which is awesome. She also says it to mean "stop bothering me" as in, if I'm trying to put her clothes on and she feels like it's taking too long, she'll say "that's all better" and run away.

Leah knows most animal names now, as well as the sounds they make. If she doesn't know what sound they make (like a giraffe), she says their name in a funny voice. Worked for Pokemon.

She also sings many of the letters in the ABC song - C, G, "blahblahblahblahP", V, Z and ME.

She's learning to count, as well. She won't count on her own, but if you say "1" she'll say "2". If you say "1, 2" she'll say "3" all the way up to 5.

Leah also knows many opposites. If you say "up" she'll say "down". She knows up/down, clean/dirty, heavy/light, front/back, awake/asleep, and near/far.

Lastly, she talks about Rory Kate a lot. She calls her "Rory K" most of the time, and is quick to tell me when "Rory K sad" or "Rory K mad".

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Grandpa Tim Time!

We finished off last week with a trip to the Village Bean coffee shop with Clara, Lilah, Jaxon, and Hunter. Leah had a cherry italian soda and played with the super fun Brio train and animal figurines.

On Saturday, Grandpa Tim came to visit! We took a walk to the park, ate some pizza, and read lots and lots of books. Sunday was a very special day - Rory Kate's dedication! We prayed for her, and promised to do all we can to lead her towards Christ. Grandpa Tim was there, along with our friends the Lundells, the O'Connors, the Rices, and the Rowells. Afterward, Mike, Lisa, Clara and her mommy and daddy came over to celebrate with us. The best part was when Leah and Clara played in the tent downstairs and found a big box of pears. Leah ate a whole pear, and all that was left was the stem!

On Monday, we did absolutely nothing, and it was wonderful.

On Tuesday, we did some shopping, and then Grandpa Tim came back! We went to Panera for lunch, and then came back for some more playing and book reading.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Healthy girls.

The little ladies had checkups today, and are both healthy and happy.

Leah checked in at 36" (> 95%) and 24 pounds (43%).

Rory checked in at 23" (92%) and 10 pounds (50%).

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another great week.

We had a great week with Grandma Sue. She got here last Sunday night - we went to the library, the bellevue gardens, remlinger farms, the park a bunch, panera for a yummy lunch, and lots of fun playing and snuggling at home this rainy week. Yesterday we went and picked big pumpkins at South 47 Farm for carving this afternoon! We sure do love fall.