Tuesday, May 10, 2011

aw shoot

This is really hard to keep up, says 2 months of no posts.  Here's what we've been up to:

- went to the park a ton, leah's getting used to going on the swings and slides again.
- had our first picnic of the year with the o'connor fam on a cold but sunny morning
- worked in our garden to get ready for new flowers and got rid of weeds and pinecones
- leah talks a ton.  she knows what she wants and asks for it.  like a lunch of "m&ms, macaroni and every strawberry."
- did a ton of running (74 miles in march)
- mike and lisa stayed with the gals and watched little mermaid while luke and i went to a velodrome fundraiser.
- went on a hospital adventure when luke crashed on his bike and had to get stitches in his chin.  leah talks about it still (in may) about 3 times a week.
- luke changed jobs within amazon and had to spend a few days in cupertino.  girls week at home.
- leah sings "go cubs go" like a rockstar.  https://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=10100849530555844&comments
- rorykate is getting bigger.  we stopped nursing and switched to formula, making her a bigger and even happier little girl.

- Leah's Birthday Month!  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10100849955469314.3510254.9362103
- Papa and Nana and Grandpa Tim all came out to visit and celebrate birthday month!
- On Leah's birthday, we got donuts at Top Pot with Lisa, The O'Connors, and Grandpa Tim.  We made a Build-a-Bear and had dinner at Red Robin!  It was a great day.  https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10100991628181064.3519714.9362103
- Leah got lots of great gifts, including a new play kitchen!
- Leah moved up to the 2 year old room for church preschool.  Her friends there are CoCo and Ellie.  There is a giant dinosaur and an awesome playhouse. 
- Had Little Sprout Workshop at our house.  It was crazy and fun.
- Easter weekend, we made sausage & homemade bread.  We did the Redmond egg hunt (and Leah loved it!)
- Should note that Leah seems to be getting better anxiety wise every week.  We're learning how to help her through stressful times (like being at the park when there are other kids.)

- Leah went to pony class.  It was pretty scary.
- Rory is starting to move and groove.  She is the happiest baby and happiest person I've ever known.  She's starting to sit and crawl.  It's really exciting.
- Luke accepted a job with facebook, so we're considering a move to Silicon Valley! 

Monday, March 14, 2011

state of the rorykate address - 6 months!

RoryKate. is. 6. months. old.  I actually don't believe it, and keep counting months on my fingers to double check.

She had her 6 month appointment today - 26.5" and 12.75lbs.  Not great news, as her weight isn't going up like we'd expect - she's below the 5%, and within her own chart, hasn't gained much in the last two months (and only about 4.75lbs since birth).  Today she'll be starting on pediasure, a supplement drink.  So if you're sick of seeing Rory in her 3 month clothes, hopefully we'll be helping her grow into some bigger ones soon. 

Leah is really funny.  She repeats pretty much everything these days, and even occasionally says what i'm about to say before I get a chance to say it. Today I found her in the playroom and she said "What am I doing sweetheart?" 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

state of the sleeping address

I always brag that I have great sleepers.  They're certainly are in a weird schedule right now. 

GREAT: both girls sleep until at least 7am.
GREAT: rorykate always takes a good morning nap, sometimes right after she wakes up.
NOT AS GREAT: sometimes I let rory nap too long in the morning, when leah and i get caught up in too much fun playtime, or less fun chores.
GREAT: rorykate is in great spirits in the morning.  who wouldn't be with about 14-15 hours of sleep?
GREAT: leah usually asks to take a nap, in the afternoon.
NOT AS GREAT: rorykate usually seems tired, but actually isn't.  probably because she got 13 hours of sleep at night and a 2 hour nap in already.
WEIRD: leah rarely naps.  she instead plays and reads quietly.
GREAT: somehow, leah seems fully rested after her "nap" time.
GREAT: rory usually sleeps for a bit in the afternoon, even if just for 30 minutes.
NOT AS GREAT: 5:30 at our house.  today, leah was begging to go to sleep.  actually begging "please mommy it's bedtime."  rory was also begging, but more with just lots of tears. 
GREAT: i'm usually able to hold both of them off until 6:30 with food and books and baths.  tonight we only made it to 6:10.
NOT AS GREAT: both girls wake up in the middle of the night, rory to eat (because she's been asleep for like 8 hours already) and leah wakes up with nightmares. 
GREAT: both girls go back to sleep almost immediately after a nursing (rory) or a snuggle (leahmadison)

it's hard to remember sometimes at 5:30pm or 3am how lucky i am the rest of the day.  really, i'm lucky even at 5:30 and 3am as well.  :)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

highchair and new shoes

Rory sat in the highchair for the first time tonight.  She's been rockin' the bumbo seat, but we decided it was time for her to be a big girl in the big chair!

Leah got new shoes today that she picked out all on her own at Target.  They're super duper sparkly.  :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

god made the sun.

Today (after a very cranky mommy run), Leah saw that the sun had come out and yelled "MOMMY!  God made the sun today!  It's beauteeeeeful!" 

Rory is ridiculously ticklish.  It's hysterical.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

things leah says

Leah is talking constantly, and most of the time in complete sentences.  Today, I asked her if she liked her croissant and she said "I do!  I do love my croissant (with perfect french pronunciation, obviously.)"  It's funny to hear what words I must say often that she picks up, like when she narrates our diaper changes and says "it's okay.  no worries.  you'll wipe up the poopers."  and then tells me "i need a fresh diaper." 

She also has a great memory now.  Yesterday at lunch, she asked to go to red robin, with dad, to have cheese sticks (grilled cheese and fries) and get a balloon.  We had gone a couple days prior and she remembered all of it.

She also notices everything.  I usually take a shower after putting her down for a nap, and she always notices that i've changed my shirt and washed my hair.  Usually she tells me "oh mommy, your purple shirt is beautiful!  and your hair is all clean and wet.  good job in the shower."

And Rory?  Rory is hysterically noisy when she is hungry.  She lets out a yell (not a cry or a scream, just an actual yell) in between spoonfuls of food.  And it is extremely loud.  Ridiculously loud.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

valentine's day

We had a great valentine's day yesterday.  We started the day off with donuts at top pot with liz, clara, and crosby.  We came home and made daddy some orange cake, took some naps, decorated the cakes, read lots of books, had dinner and everybody was pooped and ready for bed by 6:45.  :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

church preschool

Today was Leah's second week at church preschool, and it went much better than last week!  She cried a bit when I left, but when I came back she was giggling and playing.  She was excited to show me the toys she had been playing with (a baby and a tractor) and told me that she had a new friend, Emma.  She even gave her teacher a hug goodbye when we left.  On the way home, she told us all about her morning - especially snacktime, where she had "aminal crackers" and "different cups."  She even said that she would see her friends next time.

God certainly answered some huge prayers this morning. 

Rory's Firsts.

Rory celebrated her first valentine's day party last Thursday.  She and Leah hosted a DINOSAUR valentine's day party for their friends (Rory has two friends her own age already - Brynn and Crosby, we're waiting on a few more to arrive in the next couple of months :) )  Leah helped me make dinosaur crayons to give to her friends, and we had lots of yummy treats. 

Yesterday, Rory was in her first 5k!  We ran in the Valentine's Day Dash at Green Lake, where we used to live.  It was so much fun, and the girls were so happy.  We're very blessed to have such easy, happy gals.

Friday, February 11, 2011


Today Leah was talking about our birthmarks, pointing to hers, and then pointing to mine next to my nose, and she said "mommy's birth mark, leah's birth mark.  where is rory's birth mark?"

God, thanks for giving me a birthmark too.  I know now that part of the reason for it was to help Leah feel like not only is hers not weird, it's sort of weird to NOT have one.  Thanks.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Ugh.  Another month without posts.  Here's the January roundup:

Leah Madison
- Leah started treatment for her hemangioma on January 13.  It was a pretty un-fun day at Seattle Children's Hospital.  Leah HATED the blood pressure cuff and the EKG, but we survived.  She'll be taking propranalol for about 6 months. 
- Leah is very aware of the world around her, and is talking a ton.  She speaks in full sentences about things around her, especially dinosaurs!  She is able to identify triceratops, tyrannosaurus, pteranadon, and stegosaurus, and loves to build block houses for the dinos to play in.
- Leah moved from her highchair to a booster seat this month to make room for Rory, who will be using the highchair soon!
- Leah finished up her 3rd session of yoga.  She is still very shy and nervous around other kids, but is definitely getting better.

Rory Kate
- We took Rory for her 4 month appointment to find that she hadn't gained any weight since her two month appointment, so she started solids a bit sooner than Leah.  She now eats a full avocado everyday, as well as some pureed food - she's had carrots, squash, sweet potato, applesauce, and green beans which she absolutely hates and refuses to eat!
- Rory loves Luke.  They are best buddies, and daddy makes Rory laugh like no one else can.

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Today we're celebrating 6 years of marriage.  It's been so great, but the last 2 years have been the best part :)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year's resolution!

we had a great new year's eve.  since the girls (and us!) wouldn't be up until midnight, we decided to celebrate 3 different times, with other parts of the world.  at 8am, we celebrated with hong kong, with the chinese "song of joy" playing as we ate fortune cookies for breakfast!  at 11am, we celebrated with russia, listened to some sweet russian tunes, and ate russian tea cakes.  at 6pm, we listened to gilberto gil and ate orange-pineapple flan with caramel sauce.

apparently, leah's new year's resolution was to start using the potty, because she peed on the potty this morning!  we celebrated with a trip to target to get big girl underwear (and some pull-ups to help us transition.)  we're so proud of her.

rory continues to be awesome.  sleeping, eating like a champ, and really starting to show her personality.  she rocks.  2010 was the year of rory :)