Friday, October 29, 2010

Deep Clean Week!

Last week was deep clean week. Fun for mommy, less fun for Leah. Fortunately, it was rainy, so we weren't wasting time that we could have been outside. :)

We did have lots of fun anyway though - last Thursday, we decorated halloween cookies with Clara and Nash. They mostly ate frosting. Over the weekend, we ran some errands, and snuggled since it was so rainy out. Luke went with us to the library - it was his first trip over there, and Leah was excited to show him around. During the week, we did lots of cleaning, but took breaks with reading books, doing puzzles, and watching Kipper. Wednesday, Luke worked from home while I went to my doctor, and Leah got to spend so much time with Luke. They're seriously best friends. :) On Thursday, we went over to Noelle's new house!

Today, the girls got to wear their halloween costumes to Luke's work for trick or treating! Leah is Abby Cadabby this year, and she loves it. Rory Kate is a spooky but cute skeleton. We saw Lenna and her folks at amazon, and the girls had a great time running around and sometimes getting candy.

Tomorrow is Leah and Rory's halloween party! We're so excited to see everyone's costumes and eat lots of yummy treats :)

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