Monday, December 6, 2010

gingerbread and st.nick!

Oh gosh.  We've had a really really great weekend.  Last night we made gingerbread houses at Mike and Lisa's house.  Leah ate a lot of candy, watched "A Bug's Life" (which she loved), and Rory Kate watched some football on the couch.  The houses turned out pretty cute. 

When we got home, there were presents waiting for all of us.  The girls got matching pajamas, Luke got pajama pants, and I got a comfy pair of slippers.  :)

This morning, a ton of presents were under the tree!  Leah and Rory both got a doll from Great Grandma Jean and Great Grandpa Bill.  Leah named hers Emily, and Rory's is already named Lucy, so I think we'll stick with that until Rory picks a different name for her.

Leah also got the Red Rover game, and lots of things in her stocking.  Her favorite was the dinosaur.  She promptly dressed it with a necklace.

Rory got a sweet tummy time toy, and some good stuff in her stocking as well.

Luke got a pie of the month club - one pie, made by me, each month of this year.  Sugar Cream is all ready in the fridge for him!

For my present, Luke is making dinner tonight.  And I'm so excited.  Leah and Rory got me a cubs "W" flag and some frangos.  Yummy :)

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