Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year's resolution!

we had a great new year's eve.  since the girls (and us!) wouldn't be up until midnight, we decided to celebrate 3 different times, with other parts of the world.  at 8am, we celebrated with hong kong, with the chinese "song of joy" playing as we ate fortune cookies for breakfast!  at 11am, we celebrated with russia, listened to some sweet russian tunes, and ate russian tea cakes.  at 6pm, we listened to gilberto gil and ate orange-pineapple flan with caramel sauce.

apparently, leah's new year's resolution was to start using the potty, because she peed on the potty this morning!  we celebrated with a trip to target to get big girl underwear (and some pull-ups to help us transition.)  we're so proud of her.

rory continues to be awesome.  sleeping, eating like a champ, and really starting to show her personality.  she rocks.  2010 was the year of rory :)

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