Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hot Dog City

We're having a great time in Chicago :)

On Friday, we woke up super early to get to the airport and fly to Chicago. Leah stayed awake the entire flight (but was so so so happy), so we read books and ate snacks the whole time. Grandpa Tim came and picked us up at the airport and took us to Superdawg for our first round of Chicago hotdogs.

On Saturday, Leah had another 1st birthday party! This one was with the Paustian family - mommy's mommy and her family. It was a Cubs themed party, and it was so so so fun. We ate more hot dogs.

On Sunday was Ross' wedding - Leah had a blast. Lots of dancing, lots of eating, lots of mingling with people. We found out that she's not allergic to watermelons, etc. like her mommy. Great news!

Yesterday we recovered from our big weekend. We took some good naps, watched cartoons, and snuggled. Our kind of day.

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