Thursday, May 20, 2010

More Chicago Fun

We've been having lots of fun here in Chicago - on Tuesday, we went to Great Grandma Perek's house for lunch. She made mac n cheese (with hotdogs!), yummy sandwiches, and super great strawberry shortcake. Leah had a blast. She played with Snickers, Grandma's puppy, and a pretend puppy that Grandma had in the dining room.

On Wednesday, we went to the zoo! Leah saw lots and lots of animals... she can say goggie, rabbit, bear, duckie, monkey, horsie, and kitten. She did a great job naming all of the animals - and the ones that she didn't know, she called "tucker". Which seems pretty appropriate.

On Thursday, we had a relaxing day - we tried to go swimming, but the pool was closed, so we went to a couple of parks nearby to play. Leah loves swings now, and is a champion slider.

Today, we went to downtown Arlington Heights for lunch at an irish pub with Grandma and Grandpa. Leah had grilled cheese and sweet potato fries, and mommy had fish and chips. (Sorry Luke, we know you would have loved them.) After lunch, we went to the library. Leah had so so so so so much fun. She played on the giant map rug, played giant chess, found lots of books to read, and did a ton of puzzles. We came home and baked cupcakes for another one of her 1st birthday parties tomorrow :) She only has one left after tomorrow. :(

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