Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bargain Hunter.

After discovering at Paige's birthday that Leah loves loves loves beanie babies, I took her to a garage sale featuring lots and lots of them. When we got to the house, we were sort of disappointed to only see a couple of them on the table in the garage - I told them we were on a beanie baby hunt and the woman said "oh, you want to go INSIDE then." She took us inside to a room with hundreds and hundreds of them, all on shelves, organized by style and color (mommy loves organization. leah loves beanie babies.) Leah squirmed out of my arms and instantly found a monkey, and two Winnie the Poohs. She never put those three down, even when we handed her lots of other ones to snuggle test. Leah gave the man a Lincoln, and he told her she could have AS MANY AS SHE WANTED! It pays to be ridiculously cute. :) Amazingly, with hundreds of possibilities, Leah found only 4 more that she wanted (total of 7). They kept trying to give her more, but she kept saying "I done." She proudly walked out of the house with her new friends, and the couple gave her 4 quarters back, "to get some gumballs." So for $4, Leah had a really great afternoon. But she didn't get any gumballs. We'll put the quarters into her piggy bank.

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