Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sweet November.

Leah and Rory had their 2nd annual (Rory's first) costume Halloween party last Saturday. It was chaos, but made us feel so blessed to have so many great friends for both us and the girls. Lots of great snacks, awesome costumes, and of course, a group picture that resulted in lots of tears for most of the kids.

On Sunday, we required a rest day. Went for a run in the morning, and snuggled up the rest of the day, and really, most of the week. We left the house for a few runs in the double BOB, red cup day at starbucks, itsy bitsy yoga (and Rory's first playdate on her own with Clara!), and a trip to the mall with the O'Connor ladies.

All of the rest was probably a good idea, because both of the gals came down with colds on Friday night. Fortunately, there's lots of Kipper on Netflix, lots of juice in our fridge, and lots of blankets to snuggle with.

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