Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"truck not cary"

The big news this week was a construction crew at the bottom of our street.  Leah went from loving trucks a couple weeks ago, to being super scared of them.  Super funny - she talks herself down from being scared - we'll hear her say "truck not cary.  truck not cary.  oooooh truck cary!  cary truck-a!" 

We visited Clara at her new house, and Leah decided that Clara is her "besssssssss friend."  So sweet.

Later in the week, we went to yoga, and Leah had a blast.  In the past, she seemed to get a bit overwhelmed and overstimulated, but this time she really enjoyed herself.  She even stood up during "moon toe" to say "TREE POSE!!!!" and then did it.  Anna her instructor thought it was hysterical.

Leah has started pretend play this last week - lots of playing with her dolls and stuffed animals, and having them talk to each other (and kiss each other!) 

Sunday was our playgroup practice thanksgiving - it's amazing how big these kids have gotten.  A year ago, they were all just laying on the floor, and we were so eager to have them running around.  And we definitely had that this year! 

Monday it snowed!  Luke stayed home, and although he worked, the girls and I had a great time drinking hot chocolate, reading in front of the fire, and playing in the snow :)

And sweet sweet Rory.  She's a different gal these days - really recognizes us and wants to have us around.  She still loves her jungle gym, especially when she's able to grab the hanging toys!

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