Tuesday, March 1, 2011

things leah says

Leah is talking constantly, and most of the time in complete sentences.  Today, I asked her if she liked her croissant and she said "I do!  I do love my croissant (with perfect french pronunciation, obviously.)"  It's funny to hear what words I must say often that she picks up, like when she narrates our diaper changes and says "it's okay.  no worries.  you'll wipe up the poopers."  and then tells me "i need a fresh diaper." 

She also has a great memory now.  Yesterday at lunch, she asked to go to red robin, with dad, to have cheese sticks (grilled cheese and fries) and get a balloon.  We had gone a couple days prior and she remembered all of it.

She also notices everything.  I usually take a shower after putting her down for a nap, and she always notices that i've changed my shirt and washed my hair.  Usually she tells me "oh mommy, your purple shirt is beautiful!  and your hair is all clean and wet.  good job in the shower."

And Rory?  Rory is hysterically noisy when she is hungry.  She lets out a yell (not a cry or a scream, just an actual yell) in between spoonfuls of food.  And it is extremely loud.  Ridiculously loud.

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  1. your girls sound oh so precious... hope we get to hear their chatter sometime soon!